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The Invalidity Of The Claim That Mutations Miraculously Give Rise To Evolution

Celal Sengor claimed that mutations have miraculous effects, and imagined he could convince viewers of the program he appeared in as a guest with the claim in question. His statement that “Even Einstein can be produced with mutations” is totally incorrect in scientific terms. It is a scientific fact by now known to the whole world that mutations only harm the living organism, that they can never endow living things with any new information and that, on the contrary, they destroy information that already exists. The claim that mutations have an evolutionary effect, the most important subject to which Darwinists have now pinned their hopes, has been totally discredited with the scientific understanding of the facts in question. The evidence is as follows:

·   Mutations are breaks or displacements in a living thing’s genetic code, or DNA, as a result of radiation or chemical effects. Therefore they ONLY DAMAGE DNA.

·   99% of mutations are harmful and 1% have no effect. The changes caused by mutations can only be of the kind suffered by people at Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Chernobyl; in other words, death, deformation and disease.

·   Mutations are random effects. As a result of mutations the parts making up the genetic code are torn out and destroyed, damaged or moved to different parts of the DNA. But mutations never add any new information to DNA. Therefore, mutations can never bestow new information on an organism. All speculation to such effect is mere deception. 

·   For the same reasons, the claim that living things undergo changes caused by mutations and turned into different life forms with completely different physiologies is also totally deceptive. As well as having harmful effects, mutations have no ability to add a life form any new information that does not already exist.

·   Darwinists have for years been raising and performing mutation experiments on fruit flies to try and prove their claims that mutations cause evolution. They have subjected these creatures to all kinds of mutations for many years. But NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE USEFUL MUTATION HAS EVER BEEN OBSERVED. 

The Darwinist Gordon Rattray Taylor makes the following admission on the subject:

It is a striking, but not much mentioned fact that, though geneticists have been breeding fruit-flies for sixty years or more in labs all around the world- flies which produce a new generation every eleven days—THEY HAVE NEVER YET SEEN THE EMERGENCE OF A NEW SPECIES OR EVEN A NEW ENZYME.[i]

· The fruit fly that Darwinists attempt to depict as evidence of useful mutation has an extra pair of wings due to being subjected to mutation, BUT IT HAS ENTIRELY LOST THE ABILITY TO FLY; in other words, it is deformed. No new data transfer has taken place in the animal, which has lost the power of flight. Structures already existing in it have merely been repeated, but these have damaged its flight muscles as they emerged, thus leaving the animal functionless. 

The biologist Michael Pitman expresses the failure of the experiments on fruit flies thus: 

Many geneticists have subjected generations of fruit flies to extreme conditions of heat, cold, light, dark, and treatment by chemicals and radiation. All sorts of mutations, practically all trivial or positively deleterious, have been produced. Man-made evolution? Not really: Few of the geneticists’ monsters could have survived outside the bottles they were bred in. In practice, mutants die or are sterile.[ii]

·   Cases described as “examples of mutation” in medical text books consist of diseases such as mongolism, Down’s syndrome, albinism, dwarfism, cancer etc. 

Prof. Walter L. Starkey from the Ohio State University describes the invalidity of the claims about mutations as follows:

Do you think it would be wise for you to spend hours near X-ray machine, or inside of a nuclear power plant? Would it be wise for you to go to Chernobyl, in Russia, where a nuclear power plant exploded? Should we actively try to destroy the ozone layer that shields us from radiation? If such radiations are likely to cause you to evolve, and develop new beneficial futures, then you should seek to be bombarded as much as possible by these sources of radiation. Maybe you could get a new eye in the back of your head. In reality, if you are smart, you will avoid such radiations, because they are much more likely to damage you than to improve you. [iii]

[i] Gordon R. Taylor, The Great Evolution Mystery, New York: Harper & Row, 1983, p.48 

[ii] Michael Pitman, Adam and Evolution, London: River Publishing, 1984, p. 70

[iii] Walter L. Starkey, The Cambrian Explosion, p. 157

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