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The ‘Junk DNA’ Myth Is On The Brink Of Collapse

As previously explained in the writings of Harun Yahya, “Junk DNA” is a concept that was born out of Darwinist prejudices. Darwinists assume life to be an accidental phenomenon – a myth that is refuted by the intricate design in living organisms. Their assumption of non-design has led them to define the parts of DNA whose functions could not have been clarified to be non-functional at all. But this argument from ignorance is on the brink of collapse; new discoveries about DNA reveal that every part of this molecule is meaningful – a testimony to the intelligent design in its origins.

The latest discovery on this issue has been reported in the Washington Post in an article titled “”Junk DNA” Contains Essential Information”. Here are some quotes from the article:

The huge stretches of genetic material dismissed in biology classrooms for generations as “junk DNA” actually contain instructions essential for the growth and survival of people and other organisms, and may hold keys to understanding complex diseases like cancer, strokes and heart attacks, researchers reported today…

The newly discovered mother lode of genetic instructions does not, by and large, contain genes, which are templates for building the proteins that do most of the work in human or other bodies. Instead, the new material appears to consist mostly of instructions for how the body should use its genes–when and where to turn them on and off, for example, and for how long.

Scientists have long known that genomes contain such instructions and that these are likely to be important in understanding disease and development.

But the new analyses shocked them by revealing that the instruction set is at least as big as the gene set, and probably bigger. It”s the scientific equivalent, perhaps, of a consumer buying a trim new gadget and opening the box to find a 300-page instruction manual.

“My goodness, there”s a lot more that matters in the human genome than we had realized,” said Eric Lander, director of genome research at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Mass. and a primary author of the new work….

Likewise, scientists said today, it”s likely to turn out that many complex diseases develop not because the genes encoding important proteins are broken, but because the instructions for how to use those genes are scrambled.

Scientists have always known the instruction book would be important, but few of them imagined it would be so large a proportion of the genome-the implication being that the instructions, and the machinery for interpreting them, may matter as much or more than the genes themselves. Key scientists said THE NEW DISCOVERIES WERE LIKELY TO FORCE THEM TO ABANDON THE TERM “JUNK DNA” and send them back to the drawing board to come up with sweeping new models… 1

The Washington Post writer and the evolutionary scientist she quotes still continue to believe in the theory of evolution. But little they notice that the assumptions of evolution are being refuted one by one with new discoveries about life.

(1) Justin Gillis, “”Junk DNA” Contains Essential Information”, Washington Post, Wednesday, December 4, 2002 

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