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Zülfü Livaneli is Mistaken in Thinking that Creation and Evolution Can Be Reconciled

In an article titled “Creation and Evolution” published in the Turkish daily Vatan on 2 November, 2008, Zülfü Livaneli stated that Creation and evolution were not incompatible and hinting, by citing various references, that Creation and evolution should be accepted together. However, Zülfü Livaneli is wrong.

The claim in Zülfü Livaneli’s article, quoted in the words of a friend and defended by him, that the fictitious first cell emerged from a bowl of water is a massive lie that Darwinists have been using to deceive people for the last 150 years. At present not one of the hundreds of proteins in the cell has ever been manufactured under technical laboratory conditions, let alone the cell itself. The odds of a single protein molecule forming by chance have been calculated as 1 in 10950. That figure id expressed by the number 10 followed by 950 zeros, and in mathematical terms is regarded as zero probability. (In mathematics, all probabilities smaller than 1 in 1050 are regarded as zero.) Zülfü Livaneli claims that we can obtain a cell by taking a bowl of water, placing various amino acids and proteins in it and boiling it all up. This is a claim left over from the 19th century climate of ignorance in which Darwin imagined the cell was a bubble filled with water. We can put as many minerals, vitamins and organic substances into a quantity of water as we like, and even amino acids and proteins which, contrary to what Livaneli claims, cannot possibly form by themselves; we can then try to stimulate reactions with lightning and electrical charges; we can watch over that water, waiting for a cell to emerge, for millions of years, bequeathing the job from one generation to another, but no cell will ever emerge from it. No living thing will emerge. This has been definitively proved by 21st century science. And that is why Livaneli’s attempt to resurrect this outdated claim will have no results.  

The cell, however, has a far more complex structure than that of the city of New York, as scientists have put it. This is a fact demonstrated by the sciences of molecular biology and genetics. So much so that Prof. David Berlinski from the universities of Princeton and Columbia compares the cell to “a galaxy.”[1]

Science and technology in the 20th and 21st centuries clearly showed that the idea that living things progressed gradually from the primitive to the more advanced and evolved by going through transitional stages is a massive lie. (First and foremost, Darwin’s description of a primitive life form is not true. The complexity of single cell has shown that even the smallest organism on Earth is extraordinarily complex and that this can never be explained in terms of the theory of evolution.) If, as Livaneli maintains, life had developed by way of evolution, there should be millions or even billions of pieces of evidence for this. One should be able to observe that mutations and natural selection, the two fictitious mechanisms of the theory of evolution, had caused life forms to evolve. New structures should be capable of being formed in the laboratory using mutations, which are claimed to have been beneficial to and bestowed new structures on organisms over the course of millions of years. But scientists have proved that mutations always damage, impair or even kill organisms. It is impossible for the blind process known as natural selection to produce conscious and intelligent designs, organs, structures and living things. Natural selection has never been observed to produce an organ out of nothing or to turn one organ into another, and no biological account of how this might be possible has ever been produced. The real evidence for supposed evolution should lie in the fossil record. Billions of transitional forms that should have existed over millions of years, showing that millions of life forms on Earth evolved from one another, should be unearthed from everywhere that excavations are carried out. According to evolution, a fish should go through millions of changes in its fictitious transition to dry land, and these changes should occur over millions of years. And as fish acquire fictitious feet, as they supposedly loses its gills, and allegedly come to acquire lungs, it should leave behind millions of fossil remains showing these and all other such illusory changes. And this should be repeated millions of times for all life forms, as a result of which there should be billions of intermediate fossils.


This is the error committed by Zülfü Livaneli and other people who try to reconcile evolution and Creation. Darwinist propaganda is being imposed on the entire world with the effect of Darwinist dictatorship. Darwinism is protected under national laws, people holding anti-Darwinist views are expelled from schools or universities, proofs showing the invalidity of Darwinism are silenced, exhibitions are blocked, one-sided Darwinist education is provided and the Darwinist press addresses the whole world. Therefore, many people unaware of the true facts fall into the error of thinking that evolution is a scientific theory backed up with proof. They imagine that the false skulls Darwinists have been displaying for the last 150 years are true.

Such people are misled because the false evidence Darwinists have produced by sticking fossils together is displayed in the world’s most renowned museums. They do not know that all the fossils Darwinists point to as evidence for evolution are false, that reports about “proof of evolution” being found are mere speculation and that these have all been scientifically disproved. They are unaware that all the true fossils unearthed (a number exceeding 100 million) reveal that living things have remained unchanged for millions of years, in other words the fact of Creation, but that these fossils were “concealed” by Darwinists. That is why until now most people have thought that evolution is a logical, consistent, proven scientific fact. Because the Darwinist dictatorship achieves its aims, not with scientific facts and evidence and genuine fossils, but through speculation and demagoguery. In fact, however, the theory of evolution is the worst deception in the history of the world, and has not even a single piece of supporting evidence.

There is no doubt that our Almighty Lord creates in the manner He wishes. If our Lord so wished, he could of course have made evolution the instrument of creation. If the theory of evolution really were supported by scientific evidence there is no doubt that everyone with a sincere belief in Allah (God) would be its strongest adherents. Because Allah would have exhibited the proofs on this in the earth, and these proofs would have been adequate for Muslims. But the truth is very different. All the evidence on Earth shows that living things were created in a single moment, from nothing; with the same appearance and complexity they have today. ( And this evidence points to the creation described in the Qur’an:  

The likeness of ‘Isa in Allah’s sight is the same as Adam. He created him from earth and then He said to him, ‘Be!’ and he was. (Sura al-Imr’an, 59)

The aim of Darwinism is to turn people away from belief in Allah and to instill in their minds the idea the superstitious belief that living things came into being by chance with no outside intervention. Some people who do believe in Allah make a serious mistake by trying to reconcile this heretical pagan belief with faith in Allah, and are taken in by one of the Darwinist dictatorships oldest deceptions. This claim, made with the false aim of bring people together, is merely an altered form of the Darwinist deception that has been around in various guises for the last 150 years. Those falling into this error have once again been deceived by Darwinists.

Allah created the djinn, the angels, human beings and all other living things by commanding them to “Be!”. It is terrible ignorance for those who are unable to square evolution with the creation of the djinn and angels to make such a claim in respect of the creation of man. We advise Zülfü Livaneli to avoid falling into this error and to cease supporting other people who do.


[1] David Berlinski, Expelled “No Intelligence Allowed” Movie, Ben Stein

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