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The History Channel’s Darwinist And Atheist Propaganda

The television channel known as the History Channel is broadcasting a film called Biography, which deals with the life and views of Charles Darwin. In this film, Charles Darwin”s unscientific views are defended on the basis of no evidence at all, as if they were proven fact, and there is at the same time open atheistic propaganda. The fact that a channel such as the History Channel, which claims to give viewers the historical and scientific truth, should devote space to Darwinist views, which are in no way compatible with the scientific facts, casts a shadow over its credibility.

Why are they trying to keep the theory of evolution alive with propaganda?

In recent weeks, a number of channels such as the History Channel, National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel have initiated an intense campaign of evolutionary propaganda. Documentaries that discuss the theory of evolution and praise Charles Darwin have been dusted off the shelves and screened, as if a common decision to that end had been taken. What is the reason for this? In our view, there is an attempt to repair the damage that scientific discoveries have done to the theory of evolution in recent years, and especially in recent months. As followers of the website will know, discoveries in the fields of paleontology, molecular biology and genetics have revealed a grave contradiction with the claims of the theory of evolution. Even evolutionists accept this. (You can find many instances of this in Darwinism Refuted and The Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya.)

It is actually quite natural that the theory of evolution should have come to such an end. The real architect of the theory, Charles Darwin, lived in the 19th century and was unaware of most of the fields of science that exist in our time. For instance, since he was unaware of genetics, he believed that living species could be improved, in the way that stockbreeders do, and new species could be obtained. Thanks to the science of genetics, however, it emerged that stock improvement could not lead to the appearance of new species. He was similarly unaware of cell biology, and since he worked with the crude microscopes of his own time he assumed that the cell was a very simple structure, for which reason it might have emerged by chance. In our day, however, microbiologists regard the cell as a structure of incredibly flawless organization and complexity as the city of New York or a space ship, and consider it as totally impossible for the cell to have come about by chance. It was natural that Darwin, ignorant of all these branches of science and lacking technological facilities, who took an interest in biology solely as a dilettante, should be influenced by certain similarities he observed between living things to form a theory, and for that theory later to collapse under the weight of scientific findings. The history of science is full of similar examples.

However, there is another point here, one which is by no means normal and for which there is no parallel in history: Despite the fact that Darwin”s theory has been belied by scientific discoveries, it has not been annulled like others alike but some people who call themselves scientists have tried and are still trying to defend the theory. That is the point which needs to be concentrated on. Even though science has clearly rejected the claim that living things evolved by coincidence, why is the theory of evolution still receiving such support?

It is no secret that that the theory of evolution denies the fact that living things were created according to intelligent design as it seeks to find a so-called account for the origin of life. For that reason, the theory acts as the defender of atheism in the scientific arena. That is why those who deny intelligent creation and the existence of a Creator possessed of superior power are so fiercely devoted to the theory of evolution. Since the collapse of the theory of evolution means the collapse of their own atheist and materialist beliefs, they engage in evolutionist propaganda with all their might. Some of the major and indispensable elements of this propaganda are organizations like the History Channel, National Geographic Society and Discovery Channel in broadcasting, and publications such as Science, Nature, Scientific American and New Scientist.

The main starting point for this propaganda was set out in the slogan “Rejecting the theory of evolution means rejecting science.” That is why these channels and publications, which claim to be among the world”s most eminent and trustworthy scientific bodies, are never able to bring up scientific discoveries that disprove the theory of evolution. It is as if they had been programmed, literally by a hidden hand, to defend the theory of evolution under all circumstances and never allow the mention of a single word against it.

History has always placed innovations in man”s way. Those, who are open to these innovations, who are able to think freely without being tied down to dogmatic, conservative ideas, who do not shrink from the criticisms and attacks of those around them, have gone down in history as the vanguard of innovation, as makers of history itself. Dogmatic, conservative types, however, have remained trapped in their own superstitions. These organizations need to see that we are at a turning point in history, and exhibit a courageous and forward-leading character, without worrying about loss of prestige in evolutionist circles.

The fact that we are now at a most important turning point is so obvious that it cannot be ignored. The materialist thought that has dominated all fields over the last few hundred years, from science to art, from philosophy to literature, is falling apart. The collapse of the theory of evolution, materialism”s so-called scientific basis, is just accelerating the end of the dominion of materialist thought. Today the entire scientific world is witnessing the rapid rise of the thesis of “Intelligent Design.” It is now completely clear that every living thing, and indeed every one of the trillions of cells that go to make up every living thing, possesses such a flawless, extraordinary design that this could never have come about by chance. The mind that accepts that a single letter “B” written on a piece of paper could never have come about by chance, must also accept the existence of “Intelligent Design” in living things. Accepting that fact means accepting the truths revealed by science, not rejecting it.

The History Channel and similar channels in any case every day describe the flawless design in living things and show examples of marvelous creation. To claim that the living things which possess all these magnificent features are a miracle of evolution, in other words of blind coincidence, is both unscientific and irrational. Coincidence cannot create a miracle. In the same way that a camera, a television or a picture cannot come about by chance, and cannot emerge of its own accord, neither can living things be the result of coincidence. It is evident that the theory of evolution conflicts with science and reason.

Evolutionists themselves are aware that chance is unable to account for life. The French zoologist Pierre Grassé admits:

Any living being possesses an enormous amount of “intelligence,” very much more than is necessary to build the most magnificent of cathedrals. Today, this “intelligence” is called information, but it is still the same thing. It is not programmed as in a computer, but rather it is condensed on a molecular scale in the chromosomal DNA or in that of every other organelle in each cell. This “intelligence” is the sine qua non of life. Where does it come from?… This is a problem that concerns both biologists and philosophers, and, at present, science seems incapable of solving it. (Pierre Grassé, The Evolution of Living Organisms, 1977, page 168.)

The reason why Grassé regards this as an unanswerable question is that he seeks the answer within the context of materialist prejudices. The fact is, however, that the truth is very clear, and lies entirely outside materialist thought.

Our advice to the authorities in History Channel is for them to have the courage to accept innovations and abandon their dogmas, and for them to put an end to showing the theory of evolution, which has cast a sort of magical spell over men”s minds for the last 150 years, on our screens. That of course will represent an enormous shock, both for the channel and for evolutionists, but “shocks must not be avoided.” Professor Michael Behe, an opponent of the theory of evolution and one of those who has not tried to avoid that shock, likewise advises his colleagues to do the same:

The resulting realization that life was designed by an intelligence is a shock to us in the twentieth century who have gotten used to thinking of life as the result of simple natural laws. But other centuries have had their shocks, and there is no reason to suppose that we should escape them. (Michael Behe, Darwin”s Black Box, New York, The Free Press, 1996, pp. 252-253.)

Mankind managed to free itself from such dogmas as the idea that the earth was flat or at the center of the universe. It is also ridding itself of the materialist and evolutionist dogma that life emerged of its own accord, without being designed. The duty of true men of science and scientific bodies is to look at life and the origin of living things in an objective manner, compatible with the nature of science, by giving up their materialist preconceptions. History Channel and the rest must not “avoid shocks”, and must not support impossible scenarios by remaining attached to the outdated 19th century materialist dogma.

The dangerous atheist propaganda accompanies evolutionist propaganda

The program about the biography of Charles Darwin broadcast on the History Channel contains frequent elements of atheist propaganda, tries to portray science and religion as total opposites and maintains the so-called superiority of Darwinism. In the program Darwin is presented as an atheist scientist, and the impression is sought to be given that the more he became interested in science the further he moved from religion. The expressions employed in the documentary are particularly striking as they maintain according to the theory of evolution man is also an animal and there is no thing as an immortal spirit, and this idea was against Christianity because when spirit did not exist the motivation for a better spiritual life was abandoned, so Charles Darwin”s daughter Emmy was from that on sure there was no doomsday after death.

Since the theory of evolution is portrayed as fact in the documentary, such baseless claims as “man is an animal, he has no spirit, spiritual matters are unimportant and there is no such thing as judgment, the hereafter or life after death” are thus suggested. Claims of this kind not only represent a threat to the society in which they are propagated, but are also unacceptable in a society largely consisting of believers. The History Channel”s representatives must bear this fact in mind and reconsider their broadcasting policies in the knowledge that they are addressing communities most of whose members believe in Allah and religion.

The menace of atheist propaganda is evident. One of the main reasons behind the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union and that it was unable to survive until it realized the importance of religion and spiritual matters is that it spent many years utterly devoid of religious and spiritual values. Realizing, however, that those who sought salvation in the capitalist system would merely find themselves in another intolerable situation, Russia began to find its feet again after beginning to understand the importance of religion and spiritual matters. Atheism ruins a society”s unity, harmony, peace and social fabric. People who regard themselves as animals and believe that they cease to exist after death have a tendency to turn towards all forms of wickedness, immorality, violence and crime. It is a simple matter for such people to be convinced to kill, torture and harm others, because they regard those others not as beings with spirits, but as animals. Forms of immorality such as falsehood, corruption and theft increase rapidly in irreligious societies, and it becomes impossible to prevent them until the moral and religious structure of society is reinforced. Feelings of love, compassion, affection and devotion entirely disappear in atheist societies, to be replaced by anger, violence, selfishness, neglect and cruelty.

These are just a few of the tragedies which atheism inflicts on a society. If we consider one by one all the tragedies that every family that will go to make up irreligious generations will experience we can clearly see what a grave menace atheism represents. That is why those who engage in atheist propaganda are playing with fire. That is why the website contains frequent advice for those who “engage in atheist propaganda with their eyes closed.” Such people are unable to see the evidence against the theory of evolution, and are also unable to calculate the serious damage they are causing society by their defense of the theory.


Like those who hundreds of years ago maintained that the earth was flat, the History Channel and the other bodies in question are also making totally irrational claims, and they must free themselves from doing this under a false scientific mask. It is they who will emerge the winners if they sincerely defend the truths that science now reveals.


Not avoiding innovations and shocks, and being able to lead the way for novelties is a sign of superiority

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