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Intracellular Molecular Machines That Perform Protein Care and Cleanup

Cells spring to life with the proteins and the functions of the cells actualize through proteins specially made for each task.  In a typical mammal cell, there are approximately ten to twenty thousand different functioning protein varieties.  For a cell to be healthy, these proteins need to be healthy first. For this reason, the existence of intracellular quality control mechanisms …

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The World’s Most Ridiculous Claim Of Evolution

The theory of evolution is an illogical and inconsistent hypothesis. The illogicality of the theory lies in its suggesting that the world of living things that contains countless interconnected biological systems emerged as the result of completely blind coincidences. This theory, which maintains that the world of living things, in which millions of species live together in harmony and which …

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Irrational Claims In Scientific American About The Origin Of The Genetic Code

In its April 2004 edition Scientific American magazine carried an article co-authored by bioinformatics* expert Stephen J. Freeland and evolutionary geneticist Laurence D. Hurst. In their article, titled “Evolution Encoded,” the researchers described their investigation of the genetic code”s ability to reduce errors to a minimum. The way the researchers titled their study, which actually provided no support for the …

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A Tale Of Parallel Evolution In Science

Science magazine carried an article titled “Parallel Evolution Is in the Genes,” by the researchers Hopi E. Hoekstra and Trevor Price, in its 19 March 2004 edition. (1) The authors described how similar plumage coloration and patterning could be observed among bird species assumed to have only very distant evolutionary relationships, and then claimed that this was a result of …

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