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Evolutionist speculation about Ventastega

A report titled “Fossil fills out water-land leap” recently appeared on the web site. Dated 25 June, 2008, the report announced the discovery of the latest remains of a fossil described as Ventastega curonica in Nature magazine, the first specimens of which had been unearthed in 1994. The fossil in question is being portrayed as a stage in the …

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Evolutionist Propaganda Concerning the Fossil Onychonycteris finneyi Is Untrue

A new fossil bat, unearthed in the U.S. state of Wyoming in 2003 and estimated to be 52 million years old, is being used as a tool for evolutionist propaganda. The well-preserved fossil, known as Onychonycteris finneyi, was announced in the 14 February 2008 issue of Nature magazine by a team of researchers from the American Museum of Natural History, …

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The World’s Most Ridiculous Claim Of Evolution

The theory of evolution is an illogical and inconsistent hypothesis. The illogicality of the theory lies in its suggesting that the world of living things that contains countless interconnected biological systems emerged as the result of completely blind coincidences. This theory, which maintains that the world of living things, in which millions of species live together in harmony and which …

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The BBC Web Site Continues with the Error of the Evolution of Speech

An article titled “Ape Gestures “show human links”” appeared on the BBC web site on 1 May, 2007. This considered bobo chimpanzees and the arm movements they use, and claimed that these shed light on the imaginary evolution of human speech. It repeated the classic evolutionist scenarios on the subject of the evolution of speech, originated from the U.S. National …

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