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Evolution of Mammals Propaganda from the BBC

A report carried on the BBC web site on 24 March, 2007, titled “Mammal Rise ‘Not Linked’ to Dinos,” discussed how the fictitious evolution of mammals was linked to dinosaurs becoming extinct. This report, in which we again encountered the familiar methods employed by the BBC, was once again a propaganda text far removed from the scientific evidence. This technique, …

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New Species Discovered in a Cave and the BBC’s Evolution Deception

Many of the errors in evolutionist reports are concerned with the interpretation of the “evolution” concept. Let us once again illustrate this by means of a report carried on the BBC website. In a report carried on the site’s science page on 1 June, 2006, titled “Unknown creatures found in cave,” it was announced that previously unknown species had been …

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The BBC’s Insect Eye Error

The sublime creation in nature continues to attract the attention of and inspire scientists. The latest research in this field concerned a modelling study conducted in order to understand the system in the bee eye. Scientists from University of California in the USA succeeded in placing an artificial eye imitating the bee eye and consisting of more than 8500 hexagonal …

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Evolutionist’s Fictitious Film

A report titled “A short film of evolution” carried in the 13 April, 2006, edition of the Turkish daily Radikal announced the discovery of a fossil in Ethiopia. The fossil, first reported in the British scientific journal Nature (Tim D. White, 2006. Asa Issie, Aramis and the origin of Australopithecus. Nature 440:883-889), belonged to Australopithecus anamensis, which is known …

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