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Further Support For The Thesis Of Microcephaly In Flores Man

A response was issued by us when Homo floresiensis, to give it its scientific name, or Hobbit, as it was widely referred to in the media, fossils were first discovered (1). In that response we explained how the classification of Homo floresiensis as a separate species was based solely on evolutionist preconceptions, and that there were no concrete scientific criteria …

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An Ideological Award For Evolution

On 23 December, 2005, the BBC carried a report on its web site titled “Evolution Takes Science Honors.” The report announced that the well-known scientific magazine Science, published in the USA, had given its 2005 science award to evolution. The article said that certain studies into the alleged workings of evolution had been described as the most important scientific development …

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A Tale Of “The History Of Evolution Of Mammals” On The BBC Turkish Site

A genome study dated December 1, 2004, was carried on the BBC’s Turkish website. The report, that began with evolutionary indoctrination under the title “DNA lens on the history of evolution,” described how American scientists had studied the genome structures of certain present-day mammals. Taking the data obtained from this research as its starting point, it contained claims regarding the …

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CNN Turk’s Errors A Scientific Refutation of the Documentary “Walking with Cavemen”

The documentary “Walking with Cavemen,” screened by CNNTurk, consists of Darwinist propaganda which is riddled with scientific errors and distortions… At the end of December 2003, the television channel CNNTurk announced that it would be screening a documentary called “Walking with Cavemen.” In its previews of the documentary CNNTurk showed actors dressed in ape-man costumes, thus clearly favouring the theory …

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