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Evolutionist Errors Regarding the Sea Urchin Genome

In its December 2006 issue the Turkish magazine Bilim ve Teknik (Science and Technology) carried a report headed “The Sea Urchin Genome Confirms that We Are Related!” The article in question, based on a news release from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, reported the results of a genome analysis of the sea urchin published in the journal …

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Futuyma’s Bosphorus Errors

A conference was recently held at the Bosphorus University (BU) in Istanbul, following another held at the Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey, to which the State University of New York’s evolutionary biologist Douglas J. Futuyma was invited as a guest of the METU Biology Department teaching staff member Aykut Kence. Futuyma divided his conference address, entitled “Evolution: The Most …

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Evolutionist Deceptions Continue With The Arthropods In ‘The Shape Of Life’ Documentary

The Conquerors episode of the documentary “The Shape of Life” dealt with the arthropods, suggesting that these creatures made the transition from sea to land and afterwards formed a separate category by developing wings and beginning to fly. Evolutionist scenarios, that have been disproved countless times by scientific research and discoveries, were repeated to the accompaniment of new images with …

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