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A New Dinosaur Fossil And The Error Of Bird Evolution

On 15 March, 2006, carried an article titled “Fossil ruffles feather evolution theory.” According to this report, which first appeared in Nature magazine, a dinosaur fossil discovered in Germany has completely overturned all the theories regarding the evolution of feathers. Inspired by the Jura Mountains in southern Germany, scientists gave the fossil the name of Juravenator starki. The most …

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The Reality Refused To Be Understood By The National Geographic TV

The National Geographic TV, on the 7th of May 2003, went on air with the documentary titled ‘LOST WORLDS: THE FISH THAT TIME FORGOT.’ The subject of the documentary was the Coelacanth, once portrayed as evidence for the theory of evolution that life forms evolved from the sea onto the land. However the Coelacanth, caught alive in 1938 and since …

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National Geographic’s Cat’s Eye Myth

A documentary called “Killer Instinct: Grassland ” was aired on the National Geographic TV channel on March 23, 2003. Examples are given in that documentary of various animals living on the African plains, and the program particularly deals with relationships between hunter and hunted out on the veldt. The most “practical” method in the attempt to impose the theory of …

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New Scientist Must Stop Presenting Outmoded 1960s Theories as if They Were Scientific Fact

New Scientist magazine carried an article called “Together We Are Stronger” in its March 15, 2003 edition. Written by James Randerson, the article appeared under the following box caption: “Was Darwin wrong? Wherever you look, it”s cooperation not selfishness that reigns supreme.” In other words, an attempt was being made to portray a fact which represented a terrible dilemma for …

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