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The Fact About Giardia

Recent research into the intestinal parasite Giardia intestinalis has refuted the “missing link” role previously ascribed to the myth of the evolution of this organism”s eukaryotic cell. In contrast to what had previously been supposed, it has been revealed that there are mitochondrial genes and mitochondria-like sacs in Giardia. Evolutionists maintain that the eukaryotic cell evolved from the prokaryotic cell. …

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The Discover Magazine’s Evolution Of Laughter Error

  DISCOVER’S ERROR ON THE ORIGINS OF LAUGHTER The article in question was investigating the origin of laughter according to the evolution theory. The amateurism of the article was thinly disguised under a scientific appearance and represented a good example of the flawed logic inherent in evolutionist reasoning. In this article, we will expose the inconsistencies in explaining laughter with …

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National Geographic’s Cat’s Eye Myth

A documentary called “Killer Instinct: Grassland ” was aired on the National Geographic TV channel on March 23, 2003. Examples are given in that documentary of various animals living on the African plains, and the program particularly deals with relationships between hunter and hunted out on the veldt. The most “practical” method in the attempt to impose the theory of …

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Discovery Channel’s Spider Dilenma

On March 14, 2003, the Discovery Channel broadcast a documentary called “World of Discovery: The Spider” in Turkey. The documentary gives examples of the hunting techniques employed by various species of spider and stresses what a superior substance spider thread is. It describes how spider thread is much stronger than steel, and mentions the technological and industrial fields in which …

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