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An answer to the ‘Alesi’ Hoax put forward by evolutionist publications such as New Scientist and Nature

In August 2017, several international science and news organizations reported that the so-called “common ancestor” of humans and apes had been found. Many evolutionist publications in Turkey also jumped on the bandwagon without doing the necessary research on the issue. Based on an article published in the well-known evolutionist journal Nature, the report claimed that the fossil discovered in Kenya, named …

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The Evolution Of Human Intelligence Error In Scientific American Magazine

The mind and brain section of the August 2008 issue of Scientific American magazine carried a report “Animal Intelligence and the Evolution of the Human Mind” by Ursula Dicke and Gerard Roth. The claims made in the report, that ‘human intelligence is a slightly more developed form of the conceptual capacities of non-human primates as a result of evolution’ and …

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A Tale Of “The History Of Evolution Of Mammals” On The BBC Turkish Site

A genome study dated December 1, 2004, was carried on the BBC’s Turkish website. The report, that began with evolutionary indoctrination under the title “DNA lens on the history of evolution,” described how American scientists had studied the genome structures of certain present-day mammals. Taking the data obtained from this research as its starting point, it contained claims regarding the …

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