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Scientific American’s Dino-Bird Errors

Scientific American, one of the passionate proponents of the Darwinist theory, considered one of the theory”s popular claims in its March 2003 issue: the evolution of birds. An article by the ornithologists Richard O. Prum and Alan Brush titled “The Feather or the Bird, Which Came First?” reiterated the classical evolutionist thesis that birds evolved from dinosaurs with a new …

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Time Writer M. Lemonick’s Mind-Body Error

Time magazine carried an article called “Your Mind, Your Body” in its February 17, 2003, edition. It was suggested that the Cartesian separation of mind and body no longer applied, and that psychologists and neurologists were now agreed that mind and body were interconnected. The claims in this article, written by Michael L. Lemonick, consist of nothing but deceptions. All …

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Time Magazine’s Error Regarding The “Fight Or Flight” System

In its February 17, 2003 edition Time magazine carried a story titled “Evolution’s Role: A frazzled mind, a weakened body.” Written by Michael D. Lemonick, the article dealt with stress and the problems is produces in the body. It referred to the “fight or flight” reaction, which occurs in human beings in sudden situations, claiming that this reaction was a …

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