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A Huge Darwinist Deception Regarding the Trilobite Eye

One of the main subjects that leaves Darwinists in a complete dead-end is the “eye,” with its irreducibly complex structure.  One of the greatest proofs of Creation confronting Darwinists, who are unable to account for the emergence of the eye, is the complex eye structure that emerged some 540 MILLION YEARS AGO. The SUDDEN emergence of the astonishingly beautiful and …

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The Deception That Therapsids Are Transitional Forms

Celal Şengör engages in propaganda to the effect that the therapsids, which he describes as “reptiles with moustaches,” are an intermediate form between reptiles and mammals.  This claim is invalid because: – The lower jaw in mammals consists of a single bone, compared to three bones in reptiles. Darwinists maintain that the extra bones in reptiles gradually turned into mammals’ inner …

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The Invalidity Of The Claim That There Is Disorder In The Universe And The World

Celal Sengor made the astonishing claim that there is no order, but disorder, in space, on Earth or in living things, while maintaining his life and existence without any difficulties in an extraordinary harmony and order, in the vastness of space. Sengor made the amazing claim that the planets had no fixed order within this disorder of which he spoke, …

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The Neanderthal Error on the web site

An article titled “Why Did Neanderthal Man Vanish from the World?” appeared on the web site on 8 August, 2008. The report described genetic analyses carried out by scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Germany. The study was an examination of mitochondrial DNA obtained from fossils remains from Neanderthals, who lived in Europe and Asia between 30,000 and …

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