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The Dinosaur Evolution Error in New Scientist

A report titled “Dinosaur evolutionary tree unveiled” appeared on the New web site on 23 July, 2008. Written by Colin Barras, the article dealt with a taxonomic study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.[i]   In the research in question a team led by Graeme Lloyd from Bristol University in Great Britain examined the taxonomic …

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A Blow to Evolution Theories from the Latest Ape Fossil

In a report dated 12 November, 2007, the well-known news agency Agence France-Presse announced that an ape fossil found in Africa had challenged the theory of evolution. The caption to the report was most interesting in that regard: “Rare great ape fossil challenges evolutionary theory: study.” So what is this fossil and how does it pose a challenge to the …

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The Latest Developments Regarding Flores Man

The evolutionist claim that Homo floresiensis represents a separate species to modern-day man continues to retreat in the face of increasing objections. The Times Online, the Internet edition of The Times and The Sunday Times newspapers, summarised the latest developments on the subject in these terms: “A find heralded as the greatest discovery in anthropology for a century has degenerated …

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National Geographic Tv’s Undersea Fairy Tales

A documentary called “Built for the Kill” has been screened on National Geographic TV. On the one hand, the program described some of the techniques used by sea creatures to hunt or evade capture, and on the other it sent out Darwinist messages by describing some creatures as “programmed to kill” or “ruthless killers.” The flawless design in the creatures …

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