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Evolutionsts “Masks Lifted” The fact that reconstructions do not reflect the truth has once again been proven

The 2 June, 2006, edition of New Scientist magazine carried an article by Deborah MacKenzie titled “Putting a face to a skull.” The article discussed the unreliability of skull-based reconstructions. Based on an investigation by German police, the article once again revealed the scientific invalidity of the “reconstructions” -that represent a significant part of evolutionist propaganda concerning the fictitious human …

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Evolutionary Tell Tales From BBC

The evolutionist propaganda on BBC continued, with the documentary The Human Body, telling its viewers tall tales about evolution, without offering a scrap of scientific evidence. The second instalment of the documentary The Human Body consisted of evolutionist propaganda devoid of any scientific credibility. The errors in the documentary screened by BBC are scientifically explained below. The BBC documentary maintained …

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