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The Faulty Claim that Islands Help Lizards Evolve

As known, the theory of evolution claims that a changing environment and conditions leads to the emergence of new species. However, if those claims were true, new organs and systems should have appeared in the body to support those imaginary evolutionary claims of transformation . The story of evolution is at odds with the history of life and  fossils show …

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“Spore:” Further Pitiful Evolutionist Contortions

People have been deceived by the theory of evolution for the last 150 years and have always been told the following lie: “evolution is scientific” (!). The fact is that evolution is not scientific at all, however. Everything scientific refutes evolution. Every branch of science defies evolution. Palaeontology has inflicted grievous disappointment on evolutionists, and there exists not a single …

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The Evolutionist Tradition Of Concealing Fossils

Darwinism is such terrible a lie that,   –       For 150 years it convinced people that living things had evolved. –       It convinced people they were descended from ape-likes. –       The theory was treated as a scientific one, even though it possessed not a shred of scientific evidence. –       Efforts were made to give the impression that intermediate forms existed, though …

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The Deception That There Was No Oxygen in the Primeval Atmosphere

Celal Şengör has claimed that life began with anaerobic bacteria that breathe in an oxygen-free environment, that oxygen appeared gradually on Earth and that oxygen-breathing bacteria then emerged as a result. This is an explanation meant to support the claim that there was no atmosphere in the primeval atmosphere. But such claim is wrong.  Darwinists maintain that there was no …

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