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The Transition To Bipedalism Deception

Celal Sengor has claimed that supposed humanoid apes “stood up when being on four legs became difficult.” That claim is definitely invalid:  –          Standing on two feet rather than four IS NOT AN ADVANTAGE. Quadripedalism is faster, easier and more efficient. Monkeys very rarely walk on two legs, generally for short distances of around a meter. Because it is no advantage for …

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A Pair of Fossils Have Demolished the Evolutionary Family Tree

A scenario that evolutionists describe as a “scientific fact” in text books and that they have attempted to pass off to millions of people as the history of mankind in museums, has been demolished by the latest palaeoanthropological discoveries. Findings to the effect that Homo habilis and Homo erectus, human beings’ supposed evolutionary ancestors, actually lived at the same time …

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There is a better question for New Scientist to ask!

On 11 March 2006, the New Scientist magazine website carried an article titled “Are we still evolving?” The article, written by Kate Douglas, contained speculation regarding whether or not the evolutionary process, which evolutionist researchers have adopted as a dogma, is still continuing. After quoting Steven Pinker from Harvard University as saying, “In the biological sense of changes in the …

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The Myth Of Feline Evolution

On 6 January, 2006, the BBC website published a report titled “New cat family tree revealed.” The report concerned a genetic analysis regarding the origin of cats conducted by a team led by Warren Johnson of the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland, USA. The scientists in question interpreted their findings in the light of blindly held evolutionist assumptions and …

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