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Focus Magazine’s Microevolution Deception

The January 2006 edition of the Turkish magazine Focus carried a report titled “Penguins prove climate change speeds up evolution.” The brief report described a study conducted by Professor David Lambert from Massey University in New Zealand, who compared the DNA he obtained from the remains of animals. These remains he maintained were the 6000-year-old ancestors of the Adelie penguins …

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The Reality Refused To Be Understood By The National Geographic TV

The National Geographic TV, on the 7th of May 2003, went on air with the documentary titled ‘LOST WORLDS: THE FISH THAT TIME FORGOT.’ The subject of the documentary was the Coelacanth, once portrayed as evidence for the theory of evolution that life forms evolved from the sea onto the land. However the Coelacanth, caught alive in 1938 and since …

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Focus Magazine’s Coelacanth Confessions

An interesting article appeared in the April 2003 edition of Focus magazine. More than its actual content, the interesting thing about this article was its publication in Focus, a magazine known for its devotion to the theory of evolution, yet which still carried a report about the fish known as the coelacanth, “living proof” that totally undermines all the claims …

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