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The Human And Chimpanzee Errors In Discover Magazine

The Discover magazine web site carried an article of Jim Holt titled “Laughter May Outlive Humans—and Even Numbers” on 27 June, 2008. The article suggested that human beings may well disappear in the future, but that such human characteristics as laughter and counting will survive in the species that evolutionists imagine will replace them in the evolutionary process. In addition …

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Abram Katz’s Fantastical Claims

  An article in the American daily New Haven Register, written by Abram Katz and containing various comments regarding subjects included in Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation, contained both inaccurate information and unscientific interpretations.   First and foremost it need to be made absolutely clear that the information in Abram Katz’s article regarding the views of Adnan Oktar, who writes …

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An Heavy Blow To The Mammalian Evolution Scenario

The mammalian evolution scenario has been dealt a severe blow by a recent fossil finding. It is reported in the February 24, 2006, issue of the daily New York Times under the heading “Beaver or Otter, It lived in Dinosaurs’ Time.” According to the report prepared by science writer John Noble Wilford, the fossil, belonging to an extinct species, was …

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Dinosaur Planet: Little Das Hunt

This documentary dealt with various dinosaur fossil fields in the North American continent, particularly the state of Montana. Fossils of various dinosaur species such as Tyrannosaurus rex and computer animations were shown and imaginary evolutionary relationships among them were constructed. These so-called family relationships have no scientific foundation, and rest merely on evolutionist preconceptions. These exist not in the paleontological …

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