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Richard Dawkins Is Wising Up!

University of Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins, who is known to be Darwin’s Rottweiler and has long been striving to sustain a theory which is exposed to a universal destruction, has lately shown improvement! In all his recent articles, conversations and interviews, Dawkins has begun to voice a single truth: that life on Earth cannot have formed by chance! With this …

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A Series Of Blunders Regarding Monkey Intelligence From National Geographic Tv

National Geographic TV last week broadcast two documentaries. Called “A Tale of Three Chimps” and “My Favorite Monkey,” these documentaries bore clear similarities in terms of the message they sought to give. The consecutive broadcasting of these documentaries by National Geographic TV, their subject matter and timing indicated that deliberate evolutionist propaganda was going on. This channel, which last month …

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Animal Planet, “Champions of the Wild”

In that section describing the manatee, a mammal also known as the southern fur seal, a number of evolutionist claims were made about the animal. The first such claim was that elephants and anteaters are among manatees” closest living relatives. This claim of a familial relationship is based solely on prejudice. At the root of Animal Planet”s evolutionist claim lie …

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The Latest Genetic Similarity Propaganda And The Bigotry Of The Darwinist Media

Reports of a new study on genetic similarity have recently been appearing in Darwinist publishing organs. The subject was the genetic similarity between man and chimpanzee, which evolutionists frequently employ as a propaganda tool. This latest study (1) , by a team led by the researcher Morris Goodman of Wayne University in the state of Michigan in the USA, concluded …

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