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Natural Comparisons

The cloak of logic developed by the proponents of the theory of evolution was revealed for all to see in this program. The basis of this series of documentaries was to do with claims regarding convergent evolution and homology. Animal Planet drew attention to behavioural and structural similarities between living groups and species which are distant from one another in …

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Animal Planet, “Champions of the Wild”

In that section describing the manatee, a mammal also known as the southern fur seal, a number of evolutionist claims were made about the animal. The first such claim was that elephants and anteaters are among manatees” closest living relatives. This claim of a familial relationship is based solely on prejudice. At the root of Animal Planet”s evolutionist claim lie …

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Darwinists’ Deceptive label: Convergent Evolution

The term “convergent evolution” is used to describe the hypothetical evolution of similar structures in living things according to similar environmental requirements in independent processes. For example, one of the structures assumed by evolutionists to have emerged through convergent evolution is the wing. The bat, a mammal, has wings, and so do birds and flies, as well as some flying …

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