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How Can Dawkins Explain the Perfect Eye in Our Brains?

The main reason why Darwin said, “the thought of the eye made me cold all over” is the fact he had no explanation to offer in the face of the eye’s extraordinary complexity. But the fact is that Darwin knew very little about the eye. Genetics had not been discovered in his day, there were no electron microscopes and nobody …

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The Myth of the Evolution of the Brain in The Daily Telegraph

On its web site The Daily Telegraph newspaper carried a Darwinist myth about the supposed evolution of the brain. The report in question was titled “Study traces the evolution of the human brain” and described a new study by researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and published in the British scientific journal Nature. This article is a response to …

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The Evolution of the Human Brain: A Blindly Supported Darwinist Myth

Evolutionists claim that man evolved from an ape-like ancestor and that during that imaginary process his brain also grew and developed. According to this view, the growth of the brain is a so-called evolutionary adaptation. Again according to this claim, random mutations and natural selection, bereft of any aim or purpose, are responsible for the alleged evolution of the brain. …

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The Discovery Channel’s Error About The Human Brain

Recently the Discovery Channel showed a documentary titled “Understanding The Amazing Human Brain,” in which the functioning of the brain was investigated. Brain operations on some patients, the various brain areas’ functions as well as the awesome processing power of the brain were being examined. The Discovery Channel contended that the brain’s amazing design was “the zenith of millions of …

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