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The ‘Intelligent Design’ Distraction

In the United States in the second half of the 1980s, a theory known as “intelligent design” was launched against the theory of evolution, maintaining that all living things came into being not by chance–as Darwinism maintains–but as the result of an “intelligent design.” However, the proponents of this movement do not openly state that it is Allah, the Lord …

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Studies to Synthesise Cell in the Laboratory Support Creation

An article called “Transitions from Nonliving to Living Matter” was published in the 13 February 2004 edition of Science magazine. 1 Written by Steen Rasmussen of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and his colleagues, the article dealt with theses regarding studies of artificial life forms discussed at two international workshops. It stated that a life form capable of synthesis in …

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Convergence Evolution Myth In Nature

The 22 April 2004 edition of Nature magazine carried an article titled “Developmental Genetics: Bittersweet Evolution.” (1) Written by Günter Theißen, the article reported a study by Beverley Glover and her colleagues on the tomato and bittersweet, which was published in the journal Gene. (2) The report revealed that these two plants are identical in terms of the appearance of …

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Irrational Claims In Scientific American About The Origin Of The Genetic Code

In its April 2004 edition Scientific American magazine carried an article co-authored by bioinformatics* expert Stephen J. Freeland and evolutionary geneticist Laurence D. Hurst. In their article, titled “Evolution Encoded,” the researchers described their investigation of the genetic code”s ability to reduce errors to a minimum. The way the researchers titled their study, which actually provided no support for the …

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