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How was Tiktaalik roseae turned into a false intermediate fossil by Darwinists?

Many aspects of the Darwinist deception regarding Tiktaalik Roseae, for long years the subject of speculation by Darwinists, have been exposed. Darwinist fraud, which we have maintained on the agenda so many times, has once again been revealed with new aspects. It has again been seen that people are being misled by Darwinists; TIKTAALIK ROSEAE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A …

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Darwinists’ Shameful Scenarios about Supposed Human Evolution: MSNBC Still Imagines It Can Deceive People

The MSNBC carried a report titled “Before and After Humans.” This report, claimed that in 5 million years’ time, human beings will supposedly and literally evolve into extraterrestrials. The article was also illustrated with fictitious pictures representing 1-million-year stages showing human beings supposedly changing in appearance and turning into very peculiar entities.  This gross deception is a scenario that various …

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False Speculation on Protein from Darwinists Unable to Account for Protein Formation

The 13 November, 2008 edition of the Turkish daily Hürriyet carried a report about how a newly discovered series of protein supposedly represents evidence for the theory of evolution.  The report stated that proteins manufacturing ATP went into action to preserve the functionality of protein chain damaged as a result of artificial mutations and as a requirement of Darwinist propaganda …

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Zülfü Livaneli is Mistaken in Thinking that Creation and Evolution Can Be Reconciled

In an article titled “Creation and Evolution” published in the Turkish daily Vatan on 2 November, 2008, Zülfü Livaneli stated that Creation and evolution were not incompatible and hinting, by citing various references, that Creation and evolution should be accepted together. However, Zülfü Livaneli is wrong. The claim in Zülfü Livaneli’s article, quoted in the words of a friend and …

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