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Darwinists’ Shameful Scenarios about Supposed Human Evolution: MSNBC Still Imagines It Can Deceive People

The MSNBC carried a report titled “Before and After Humans.” This report, claimed that in 5 million years’ time, human beings will supposedly and literally evolve into extraterrestrials. The article was also illustrated with fictitious pictures representing 1-million-year stages showing human beings supposedly changing in appearance and turning into very peculiar entities.  This gross deception is a scenario that various …

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Darwinists Should Produce Proof of Evolution Rather Than Engaging in Demagoguery

Since they lack any scientific evidence, Darwinists have no other method than demagoguery they can use. For whole, long paragraphs they use strange and incomprehensible words that not even they themselves understand, and imagine that they can thus influence their readers. Darwinists, who think that these statements, commonly known as “verbosity,” are enough to convince people of the rightness of …

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The Latest Coelacanth Fossil And Evolutionist Errors

However, for evolutionists to look at a fish”s fins and suggest that the human arm evolved from such an organ is to adopt a totally imaginary and biased attitude. It is propaganda engaged in to keep the idea of the supposed evolution of the coelacanth, for years depicted as an intermediate form, and the theory of evolution itself alive. Moreover, …

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Gogonasus Is Not A Missing Link, But A Fish Exhibiting A Flawless Creation

The Turkish daily Hürriyet carried a report titled “380-million-year missing link found” in its 20 October, 2006, edition. The article dealt with the fossil fish known as Gogonasus discovered in Australia by the palaeontologist John Long. Gogonasus had bony structures on its fins and a deep hole in its skull that enabled it to breathe. Based on this anatomy, Long …

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