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The myth of the evolution of the whale in New Scientist

  A report published by the New Scientist news service on 19 December, 2007, outlined a description1  of a new fossil discovery claimed by evolutionists to represent the ancestor of the whale2.  The fossil species in question has been given the name of Indohyus, and is thought to have lived in the rivers of India 48 million years ago. Scientists …

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A Tale Of “The History Of Evolution Of Mammals” On The BBC Turkish Site

A genome study dated December 1, 2004, was carried on the BBC’s Turkish website. The report, that began with evolutionary indoctrination under the title “DNA lens on the history of evolution,” described how American scientists had studied the genome structures of certain present-day mammals. Taking the data obtained from this research as its starting point, it contained claims regarding the …

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Natural Comparisons: Dead Ringer

In this program Animal Planet devoted space to exceedingly deceptive statements frequently employed among evolutionists in popular accounts. These accounts lacking any scientific value can be regarded as being no more than fairy tales. The following statement was used in the context of dolphins, which, according to the theory of evolution, evolved from land-dwelling mammals: ‘The ancestor of the dolphin …

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Evolution Of Mammals: A Dogma Defended By The National Geographic At All Costs

The National Geographic published in its APRIL 2003 issue an article titled “The Rise of Mammals.” In this rather long article decorated with imaginary evolution trees and pretty pictures, the author, Rick Gore, put forward evolutionist speculations on the origin of mammals, one of the darkest corners in the house of the evolution theory. The magazine listed and classified extinct …

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