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The Darwinist idea that ‘Humans are no different to animal species’ is incorrect

A recent article published in Popular Science magazine titled ‘Should animals have the same rights as people?’ was based on the idea that humans should not regard themselves as different to other animals. The aim behind this idea, which many people may find harmless at first sight, emerged later on in the piece. The article was intended to support the …

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A response to the claim that “nobody would be upset if it were lions or tigers, rather than monkeys”

Some Darwinists maintain that evolution is rejected as a matter of pride and that the problem lies in the fictitious ancestor being a monkey, and that there would be no problem if people were told “your ancestors were lions or tigers.” But that is a grave error. There is in fact no unease or such state of affairs along those …

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National Geographic TV’s Monkey Tales and Social Darwinist Propaganda

A documentary called ‘Who’s Aping Who?: Social Climbing’ was broadcast on National Geographic TV on April 2, 2003. The documentary reflected one of National Geographic TV’s most frequently encountered forms of Darwinist propaganda. Yet again, National Geographic TV strove to show similarities between great ape and human behaviour and to make people believe that apes and human beings are related. …

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