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A Response To The Error Concerning The Southern California Stick Insect Published On The Science Daily Web Site

A statement that appeared on the Science Daily web site on May 16, based on an article in Science magazine dated May 15, claimed that a stick insect in Southern California had evolved in a parallel manner through natural selection into two separate species. The article described how the stick insect known as Timema cristinae resembles thin twigs and has …

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Response To The Darwinist Deceptions In The News Site Malaysian Insider

The news site Malaysian Insider published an article by the evolutionist columnist Zurairi Ar on its February 6th, 2012 issue. In the article in question, the author speaks of a survey conducted in 2004 in Malaysia, and states that in response to the question, “Did human beings develop from an earlier species of animals?”, almost half of those surveyed answered …

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Why are Darwinist journals ceasing publication one after the other?

Darwinist publications in Turkey have started ceasing publication one after the other. The journals in question, which began publication with great fanfare, are now silently leaving the stage. This is taking place in the same way across the whole world. Even if all the financial resources of the Darwinist dictatorship were diverted their way and all kinds of material infrastructure …

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The invalidity of the claim that “evolution has nothing to do with chance”

One of the issues that Darwinists have recently taken to espousing is the claim that “evolution has nothing to do with chance.” This claim, proposed with the incomprehensible and specious idea that “everything happened randomly, but that does not mean by chance,” serves no other purpose than to reveal how illogical Darwinists’ claims are. This claim, developed as a defense …

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