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A New Dino-Bird Lie and Darwinists’ Pointless Wriggling

An article in the 19 October, 2008, issue of Nature announced to the scientific world that a new “dino-bird” had been discovered. It maintained that this creature, described under the headline “A bizarre Jurassic maniraptoran from China with elongate ribbon-like feathers” had “primitive feathers” and represented an example of the imaginary transition from dinosaurs to birds. The fact is, however,  …

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All That Is Left of Specious Intermediate Fossils: Another Tiktaalik Roseae Myth

Evolutionists seek to give the public the impression that fossils support evolution. Yet despite 1.5 centuries of excavations, not a single fossil to back up these efforts has ever been found. For that reason, Darwinists have sought a solution in inventing intermediate forms. Not content with that, they have even attempted to portray “mosaic” life forms which possess characteristics from …

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Evolutionist speculation about Ventastega

A report titled “Fossil fills out water-land leap” recently appeared on the web site. Dated 25 June, 2008, the report announced the discovery of the latest remains of a fossil described as Ventastega curonica in Nature magazine, the first specimens of which had been unearthed in 1994. The fossil in question is being portrayed as a stage in the …

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The Daily Telegraph’s Distortions Regarding Gerobatrachus

  The 21 May, 2008, internet issue of the Daily Telegraph carried a report titled “Missing link fossil settles frog evolution debate.” The report concerned an amphibian fossil originally unearthed in Texas in the USA in 1995, recently rediscovered and re-examined in the museum where it had been stored and described in the journal Nature. Attempts were made in the …

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