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Platypus Genome Analysis and Evolutionists’ Distortions

  In its 8 May, 2008, Nature magazine carried a report titled “Genome analysis of the platypus reveals unique signatures of evolution.” The report stated that scientists have deciphered the genetic code of the platypus, which has various mammal, bird and reptile characteristics. “It is hoped that genetic analysis of the platypus will help explain how mammals, including human beings, …

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The “factor that makes human beings human” error published in the Turkish daily Radikal

The Turkish daily Radikal published a report headed “What is it that makes human beings human?” in its 3 October, 2006 edition. This short article, which summarized examples of the genetic and molecular differences between human beings and apes revealed over the last few years, maintained that evolution was a process influenced by environmental factors and not dependent upon specific …

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The BBC’s Dreams Of A Transition From Water To Land

A report carried on the BBC”s website on 12 April, 2006, considered a new species of fish discovered by Belgian scientists and described in Nature magazine. The report, titled “African fish leaps for land bugs” described how the fish, given the scientific name of Channallabes apus, had the ability to hunt insects along the shore of the swamps in which it …

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Support For The Supposed Evidence Of Fictitious Evolution From Vatan Newspaper

The Turkish newspaper Vatan carried a report titled “The Fossil That Has Confused the World,” taken from the 7 April 2006 issue of the journal Nature. The article claimed that a fossil discovered in Arctic Canada was “the missing link in the chain of life from water to land.” This report ignored a great many scientific facts, and was obviously …

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