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There is a better question for New Scientist to ask!

On 11 March 2006, the New Scientist magazine website carried an article titled “Are we still evolving?” The article, written by Kate Douglas, contained speculation regarding whether or not the evolutionary process, which evolutionist researchers have adopted as a dogma, is still continuing. After quoting Steven Pinker from Harvard University as saying, “In the biological sense of changes in the …

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New Scientist’s Error regarding The Chimpanzee Genome

A report titled “Here’s looking at you, chimp” was published in the 24 December, 2005, issue of New Scientist magazine. The report carried details regarding the studies to decipher the chimpanzee genome. New Scientist, which has adopted as a dogma the scenario of humans and chimpanzees separating from a common ancestor 6 million years ago, suggested that comparative analyses of …

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The Tale Of The Evolution Of Endurance Running

A study published in Nature magazine examined the anatomical marvels of the human body that make endurance running possible.1 The article, co-written by the Harvard University anthropologist Daniel Lieberman and the University of Utah biologist Dennis M. Bramble, noted that human beings” ability to run long distances was far superior to that which had previously been assumed. The researchers described …

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The Important Difference Between Human And Chimpanzee Chromosomes

The latest genomic comparison between human being and chimpanzee DNA has revealed that the differences between these two living things are more complex than had been expected. A study published in the latest edition of the British scientific journal Nature (1) compared the chimpanzee chromosome 22 with its equivalent, the chromosome 21 in humans. The study, performed by the International …

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