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The Mysteries of Life and Evolutionist Errors in New Scientist

The mysteries of life and evolutionist errors in New Scientist New Scientist magazine published an article called “The Mysteries of Life” in its 4 September, 2004, edition. The article in question concentrated on the 10 most important questions that science has been unable to answer. However, the groundless evolutionist claims contained in the article were particularly striking. The claims in …

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Time’s Claim of Evolution Regarding Obesity: An Unscientific Myth

Time magazine carried an article headed “How We Grew So Big” in its 7 June, 2004, edition. This article dealt with the subject of obesity, one of the main health issues facing present-day society, and offered information on such matters as obesity levels among various age groups, other health problems caused by obesity, and measures being taken against obesity by …

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Convergence Evolution Myth In Nature

The 22 April 2004 edition of Nature magazine carried an article titled “Developmental Genetics: Bittersweet Evolution.” (1) Written by Günter Theißen, the article reported a study by Beverley Glover and her colleagues on the tomato and bittersweet, which was published in the journal Gene. (2) The report revealed that these two plants are identical in terms of the appearance of …

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Dogmatic Backing for Micro-Evolution

In its 15 January 2004 edition Nature magazine carried an article titled “Evolutionary biology: Our relative genetics.” Written by David Penny, an evolutionary biologist working at New Zealand’s Massey University, the article asks whether or not micro-evolutionary genetic changes can account for the origin of man. Penny considers this question with interpretations based on data from the still uncompleted chimpanzee …

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