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No Sign Of Evolution In 160-Million-Year Salkamender Discoveries

Nature magazine carried an article called “The Earliest Known Grown-Group Salamanders” in its March 27, 2003 edition. The story concerned the finding of a large number of salamander fossils in China, which were established as belonging to the Middle Jurassic Period. Researchers Ke-Qin Gao and Neil H. Shubin presented various salamanders which had been covered in lava as the result …

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Evolutionists Grab At One Last Hope For Signs of Life in Space

There may be evidence of life in space, BBC News Online trumpeted to its readers in a Sept. 30, 2002 news story, “Boost for Life on Jupiter Moon.” The research discussed in the BBC article went like this: Data obtained from the Galileo space probe is leading to conjectures that underneath the layers of ice that cover the surface of …

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Desperate Darwinists’ Virtual Offensive

The May 8, 2002, edition of Nature magazine carried a study showing the terrible dilemma facing the Darwinist account of biocomplexity. Unable to offer any scientific evidence from nature, the fossil record or the laboratory to back up the claim that the complex features in living things were acquired in stages, Darwinists were apparently seeking consolation in the virtual world. …

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