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The Admission of “Sudden Emergence of Complex Life” in the journal Nature

The 31 August 2016 issue of the journal Nature broke the news that some bacteria fossils dating back to 3.7 billion years ago were discovered in Greenland. This news was covered by other publications as well. Even though some scientific publications tried to present this finding as evidence of evolution, in truth, they are the continuation of the previously discovered …

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Manufacturing a molecule in a laboratory environment is not evidence for evolution

The 29 October issue of the magazine Nature carried an article titled ‘Scientists Make Enzyme That Could Explain the Origin of Life on Earth.’ Scientists manufactured a molecule they named a ‘ribozyme’ under test tube conditions and claimed that this constituted evidence for evolution. First and foremost, this Darwinist claim is nothing new, and we have responded to claims concerning …

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Darwinists’ False Speculation Regarding the Turbot

One important component of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is “gradual development.” This refers to the hypothesis that living species turn into other entities by acquiring different forms through very small, consecutive changes. However, this hypothesis has never been proved by the realities of the fossil record, and in the period after Darwin the science of palaeontology …

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Phantom of the Deep

This documentary”s subject was sea creatures living at the bottom of the oceans. Some expressions used in the program revealed the channel”s inability to comprehend the true origins of life. These are listed below: The Error of Attributing the Power of Creation to Nature: Animal Planet: “Evolution has transcended the limits of reason and nature has produced the weirdest creatures …

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