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Beware of the Darwinist prejudice of BBC and CBS News

Last week there were two items on and that contained some speculations and comments arising from evolutionist prejudices. In an article entitled “Itchy answer to hairless humans” that appeared on June 9, 2003, Oxford University professor Sir. Walter Bodmer and Reading University professor Mark Pagel put forward a new evolutionist idea that, unlike chimpanzees and other mammals, human …

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Who Were The Neanderthals?

Prepared by Kate Wong, a Scientific American science writer, this comprised a wide-ranging file on the Neanderthals. Published in Scientific American”s special edition, it provided information about the anatomy, culture and behavior of these people who lived in Europe and Western Asia for more than 200,000 years; and comparisons between them and Homo sapiens were made. Space was also devoted …

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