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The myth of the evolution of the whale in New Scientist

  A report published by the New Scientist news service on 19 December, 2007, outlined a description1  of a new fossil discovery claimed by evolutionists to represent the ancestor of the whale2.  The fossil species in question has been given the name of Indohyus, and is thought to have lived in the rivers of India 48 million years ago. Scientists …

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Facts about the Human Body of Which Darwinists Are Unaware

  The supplement to the 31 August, 2007, edition of the Turkish magazine Cumhuriyet Bilim ve Teknik carried a report titled “The Human Body Is Filled with Evolution’s Worst Mistakes.” One of the worst errors in the report, written on the basis of the preconception that human beings evolved from primates, was the claim that humans were subjected to various …

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A Fossil That Refutes Theories of Human Evolution, and Darwinist Propaganda

An article titled “Earliest Primate Ancestor Had Surprisingly Tiny Brain” appeared on the website on 31 May, 2007. Various other publications such as National Geographic and Science also carried the same report under a variety of other headings. It was reported that a newly discovered 29-million-year-old fossil by the name of Aegyptopithecus zeuxis had a rather small brain, contrary …

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Support For The Supposed Evidence Of Fictitious Evolution From Vatan Newspaper

The Turkish newspaper Vatan carried a report titled “The Fossil That Has Confused the World,” taken from the 7 April 2006 issue of the journal Nature. The article claimed that a fossil discovered in Arctic Canada was “the missing link in the chain of life from water to land.” This report ignored a great many scientific facts, and was obviously …

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