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There is a better question for New Scientist to ask!

On 11 March 2006, the New Scientist magazine website carried an article titled “Are we still evolving?” The article, written by Kate Douglas, contained speculation regarding whether or not the evolutionary process, which evolutionist researchers have adopted as a dogma, is still continuing. After quoting Steven Pinker from Harvard University as saying, “In the biological sense of changes in the …

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Evolutionary Distortions From CBT

The Turkish magazine Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik (Cumhuriyet Science and Technology) carried a report titled “The 10 Most Important Scientific Events” in its 7 January, 2006, edition. The article listed the advances described as the most important scientific developments of the year by the American magazine Science. The CBT sub-caption read “Important findings have been obtained regarding the way that populations …

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New Scientist’s Error regarding The Chimpanzee Genome

A report titled “Here’s looking at you, chimp” was published in the 24 December, 2005, issue of New Scientist magazine. The report carried details regarding the studies to decipher the chimpanzee genome. New Scientist, which has adopted as a dogma the scenario of humans and chimpanzees separating from a common ancestor 6 million years ago, suggested that comparative analyses of …

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Evolution: A Fossil In The Minds

A report dated March 7, 2005, was published on the dailytimes website. The story, titled “110m-year-old sea turtle fossils found,” concerned fossil discoveries made by Australian scientists. Paleontologist Ben Kear announced that they had found the fossils of 10 sea turtles dating back around 110 million years, together with a 40 million-year old crocodile fossil. The striking discovery with regard …

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