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The Mysteries of Life and Evolutionist Errors in New Scientist

The mysteries of life and evolutionist errors in New Scientist New Scientist magazine published an article called “The Mysteries of Life” in its 4 September, 2004, edition. The article in question concentrated on the 10 most important questions that science has been unable to answer. However, the groundless evolutionist claims contained in the article were particularly striking. The claims in …

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The Four-Winged Bird Myth In The New Scientist

The 22 May 2004 issue of New Scientist magazine carried a report titled “Four-winged birds were first to take to the air.” The article concerned an investigation into the fossil Archaeopteryx by zoologist Per Christiansen of the University of Copenhagen. Christiansen reported the existence of objects resembling traces of feathers along the fossil’s back, around its legs and possibly on …

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The Myth of the Evolution of the Rejection of Love in New Scientist

New Scientist carried an article called “Dumped” in its 14 February 2004 edition. The article dealt with various experiments that had been performed on people who had fallen in love and separated. Emotions such as anger, hatred and disappointment in people suffering the pains of love and data from brain scans of the subjects were interpreted from an evolutionist perspective. …

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Support for Homosexuality by a Distortion of Science from New Scientist

In its 17 January 2004 edition, New Scientist carried an article titled “Does Darwin’s theory ‘fall flat’ when it comes to homosexuality?” In the article, ecologist Joan Roughgarden, a professor of biology at Stanford University in California, cited examples of homosexual behaviour observed in various animals and considered the lethal blow these deal to Darwin’s theory of sexual selection. Roughgarden …

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