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Unfounded Claims from New Scientist Magazine Regarding the Evolution of Multi-Cellular Organisms

The July 26, 2003, edition of New Scientist magazine contained a claim concerning the so-called evolutionary origin of multi-cellular organisms. The article, titled “How Animals Learned to Stick Together”, discussed the molecular analyses carried out by Wisconsin-Madison University biologist Nicole King. It was maintained in the article that findings obtained as the result of King”s research had resolved a number …

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Five Errors From New Scientist

A file by the name of ‘Evolution: Five Big Questions’ was carried in the June 14, 2003 edition of the British magazine New Scientist. The file consisted of five articles written by five different scientists, all proponents of the theory of evolution: Michael Russell, Andrew Pomiankowski, George Turner, Paul Rainey and Robin Dunbar. In other words, the impression was given …

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Evolutionary Psychology Tall Tales from New Scientist

An article titled “Human Nature: New rules for an old game” was carried in the May 24, 2003, edition of New Scientist magazine. The paper was most interesting from the point of view of revealing the inconsistencies to which evolutionists” errors and their blind devotion thereto have led them. The article contained an interview with Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, emeritus professor …

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New Scientist’s Multicellular’s Evolution Dreams

In the Ediacara region of South Australia referred to, a larIn its April 12 2003 issue, the magazine New Scientist published an article headlined: “Ice Magic.” In the article, one of the matters which is amongst the greatest problems of the theory of evolution is considered and speculation is set forth about the so-called evolutionary origins of multicellular organisms. However, …

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