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A response to the claim that “nobody objects to scientific theories, only to evolution”

Darwinists maintain that nobody ever questions quantum theory or Einstein’s claims, and that the only objections in the world are to evolution. By saying that, the Darwinists in question are trying to persist in their policy of depicting Darwin and evolution as a supposedly wronged and innocent victim. The Darwinists in question are in fact well aware of the reason …

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Darwin is the universal acid that affects everything, by Jerry Bergman, PhD

According to evolutionists Daniel Dennett Darwinism is the universal acid that affects everything.  Denis Sewell does an excellent job documenting this claim. Sewell, a journalist and broadcaster, has assembled a well-written review of the political uses and abuses of Darwinism. He has documented how often—and how easily—Darwinism has been harnessed for sinister political ends by a wide assortment of persons …

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Darwinism is the Main Source of Racism

A huge wave of propaganda has recently been initiated in various Turkish and international Darwinist publications. Some of the headlines that have appeared in these publications are: ”Hatred of slavery drove Darwin ideas, book says” and “Darwin: shaped by slavery”, ”Darwin’s Anti-Slavery Views May Have Guided His Theory of Evolution.”  These suggestions, which might at first sight appear capable of …

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Dan Neil’s Error: Reconciling Darwinism With Religion

On 27 November, 2005, Los Angeles Times carried an article by Dan Neil. Titled “In God and Darwin We Trust,” (God is beyond all this), the article considered the evolution/creation debate in terms of the situation in Chile, and sought to construct common ground between Darwinism and belief in God. Neil maintained that evolution is a scientific theory and that …

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