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Scientific American’s Propaganda ‘Collection’

The well-known US science magazine Scientific American devoted its July “special” edition, once again, to the “special” mission it has so far undertaken with such great sensitivity: spreading the materialist dogma-based theory of evolution. It was noteworthy that the picture of the imaginative ape-man on the cover showed him staring at the horizon. Despite the fact that there is not …

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Milliyet’s Support For Unscientific Reconstructions For The Sake Of Darwinism

The 8 April, 2005, edition of the Turkish daily Milliyet carried a story titled “Our oldest ‘ancestor’ is 7 million years old.” The article in question concerned a last claim about fossil discovery made in Chad and announced to the world in 2002. The fossil was the bones known as the Toumai skull, the scientific name of which is Sahelanthropus …

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An Unscientific Propaganda Interview By Die Zeit

In relation with the German Die Zeit newspaper, Hurriyet Science magazine dealt with human evolution scenarios in its March 29, 2003 issue. In an article titled “Where does humanity come from where does it go” the famous evolutionist Phillip Tobias” interview with the Die Zeit was partially reprinted. It began with the question as to how recently discovered fossils affected …

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Evolutionist Propaganda On The History Channel

The History Channel Covers Up The Scientific Facts And Repeats The Myth Of Evolution Towards the end of January, the History Channel television company embarked on evolutionist propaganda consisting of four programs. Interestingly enough, this propaganda was not limited to the History Channel, since other channels such as National Geographic and Discovery Channel stepped up their own evolutionist propaganda at …

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