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Why these constant efforts to use Denisovan fossils as a vehicle for evolutionary propaganda?

What is it that induced Darwinists, whose lies have been constantly exposed for years now and who have thus been totally belittled and humiliated, to keep telling the same lies? The reason, of course, is their despair, defeatism and lack of any other way out. Another important indication of Darwinists’ despair is the way that they keep bringing up frauds …

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The Evolution Of Multi-Cellular Organisms Myth In Science Daily

The news portal Science Daily carried a report of a study published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Science titled “New Evidence That Ancient Choanoflagellates” Form Evolutionary Link Between Single-celled and Multi-celled Organisms”). Researchers from the University of California in San Francisco and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in the German city of Heidelberg analysed the recently …

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Darwinists’ False Speculation Regarding the Turbot

One important component of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is “gradual development.” This refers to the hypothesis that living species turn into other entities by acquiring different forms through very small, consecutive changes. However, this hypothesis has never been proved by the realities of the fossil record, and in the period after Darwin the science of palaeontology …

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The Idea of Mammalian Evolution Is a Deception

A report on the Science Daily web site dealt with an article published in the internet edition of the journal Nature Genetics and titled “Evolutionary Origin of Mammalian Gene Regulation Is over 150 Million Years Old”. (3 July 2008). The study, carried out by the SAVOIR research consortium including researchers from various universities and institutions used molecular analysis to investigate epigenetic …

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