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A New Fictitious tale of Human Evolution from Scientific American

An article titled “What is the Latest Theory of Why Humans Lost Their Body Hair? Why Are We the Only Hairless Primate?” appeared on the Scientific American website on 14 July, 2007. According to evolutionists” first theory on this subject, the imaginary ancestors of man who lived half in water and half out, hunting in shallow waters, some 8 million …

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Scientific American’s Propaganda ‘Collection’

The well-known US science magazine Scientific American devoted its July “special” edition, once again, to the “special” mission it has so far undertaken with such great sensitivity: spreading the materialist dogma-based theory of evolution. It was noteworthy that the picture of the imaginative ape-man on the cover showed him staring at the horizon. Despite the fact that there is not …

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Dan Neil’s Error: Reconciling Darwinism With Religion

On 27 November, 2005, Los Angeles Times carried an article by Dan Neil. Titled “In God and Darwin We Trust,” (God is beyond all this), the article considered the evolution/creation debate in terms of the situation in Chile, and sought to construct common ground between Darwinism and belief in God. Neil maintained that evolution is a scientific theory and that …

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Time’s Claim of Evolution Regarding Obesity: An Unscientific Myth

Time magazine carried an article headed “How We Grew So Big” in its 7 June, 2004, edition. This article dealt with the subject of obesity, one of the main health issues facing present-day society, and offered information on such matters as obesity levels among various age groups, other health problems caused by obesity, and measures being taken against obesity by …

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