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Darwinists’ Vehicles for False Speculation: Extinct Dinosaurs

There is only one reason why the imaginary evolution of dinosaurs is raised to intensively: the fact that dinosaurs are extinct. Darwinists take the remaining skeletons of these animals and engage in whatever speculation they please regarding them. They tell tall tales about scales turning into feathers, wings forming spontaneously and a reptile living on the ground suddenly growing wings …

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The Myth of the Evolution of the Brain in The Daily Telegraph

On its web site The Daily Telegraph newspaper carried a Darwinist myth about the supposed evolution of the brain. The report in question was titled “Study traces the evolution of the human brain” and described a new study by researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and published in the British scientific journal Nature. This article is a response to …

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The Daily Telegraph’s Distortions Regarding Gerobatrachus

  The 21 May, 2008, internet issue of the Daily Telegraph carried a report titled “Missing link fossil settles frog evolution debate.” The report concerned an amphibian fossil originally unearthed in Texas in the USA in 1995, recently rediscovered and re-examined in the museum where it had been stored and described in the journal Nature. Attempts were made in the …

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