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Richard Dawkins and Transitional forms the Darwinists dream of having

The theory of evolution claims that a particular species transforms into a brand-new species with very small changes. However, to prove such a claim it is necessary to find proof of these transitional species with the aforementioned changes and to present them as scientific evidence. The alleged transitional species must originate from an imaginary ancestor species and possess new developing …

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Fifteen Proofs that Disprove Darwin on the 200th Anniversary of His Birth

On the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth, the magazine Nature carried an article in the hope of restoring his outdated theory to the agenda and resuscitating it after its demolition this century. The Turkish scientific journal Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik also carried the Nature report under the title “Fifteen Proofs That Prove Darwin Right.” Its aim was the same as that …

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Tales of “Feathered Dinosaurs” No Longer Deceive Anyone

A report titled “Dinosaur Fossil Reveals Creature of a Different Feather” recently appeared on the Science News web site.  This report was carried in a  variety of Darwinist publications in order to support the lie that birds evolved from dinosaurs, and yet again revealed the despair that has been afflicting Darwinists for a very long time. It can be seen …

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Another Twisted Belief With The Same Logic As Darwinism Has Now Appeared: “”Fakewinism””

A new scientist one day emerged. His name was Charles Fakewin. Fakewin proposed a brand new theory and claimed that ghosts really exist. He brought out a book called On the Origin of Ghosts. “I have developed a new theory. I do not yet have any evidence for it, but I will have eventually,” he said. He accused those who …

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