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The invalidity of the claim that “objecting to evolution stems from a standard psychological unease”

Darwinists claim that people object to evolution on emotional grounds, for which reason they “constantly encounter a diametrically opposite opinion.”  The fact is, however, that this claim is completely unrealistic. The only reason why adherents of Creation oppose evolution is that the theory IS AN ENORMOUS FRAUD.   The way that adherents of evolution have turned people away from belief …

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The invalidity of the claim that “the fact that species may change little or not at all does not disprove evolution”

This is what Darwinists say when faced with fossil evidence that has never undergone any change. Such glorious fossil evidence so demolished evolution that Darwinists think they can remedy the situation and close the subject by claiming that some species have never changed.  The fact is, however, that this applies to all the more than 300 million fossils that have …

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A response to the claim that “nobody objects to scientific theories, only to evolution”

Darwinists maintain that nobody ever questions quantum theory or Einstein’s claims, and that the only objections in the world are to evolution. By saying that, the Darwinists in question are trying to persist in their policy of depicting Darwin and evolution as a supposedly wronged and innocent victim. The Darwinists in question are in fact well aware of the reason …

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Darwinists, Fire at Will!

Darwinists have recently been chasing around after fossils discovered decades ago. They keep looking for fossils that “they can suggest as transitional forms.” First, they trumpeted the fossil Ida, discovered in 1983, as the eighth wonder of the world. When this resulted in a fiasco they quickly retracted all their claims about Ida. The new star of the show is …

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