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All That Is Left of Specious Intermediate Fossils: Another Tiktaalik Roseae Myth

Evolutionists seek to give the public the impression that fossils support evolution. Yet despite 1.5 centuries of excavations, not a single fossil to back up these efforts has ever been found. For that reason, Darwinists have sought a solution in inventing intermediate forms. Not content with that, they have even attempted to portray “mosaic” life forms which possess characteristics from different living groups, as intermediate forms. Yet these life forms, which have exceedingly complex characteristics and whose vital mechanisms all function to perfection, in fact represent no evidence for the theory of evolution. Intermediate forms should have deficient, half-formed organs that are not fully functional. Yet the organs possessed by mosaic forms are all fully formed and flawless.

With the present detailed exposure of Darwinist frauds, there has been a sudden decrease in the numbers of hoax fossils. Yet Darwinists still imagine that they can still keep the theory of evolution alive in some way, and there is one well-known fossil they from time to time refer to as a transitional form; Tiktaalik Roseae.

The interesting thing is this: it has many times been demonstrated with countless pieces of evidence that Tiktaalik Roseae is not an intermediate form and that the evolutionist speculation around it is impossible.  It has been proved that the creature is a mosaic form with perfect, complex characteristics and no intermediate characteristics whatsoever. Despite this, however, Tiktaalik continues to be the most popular vehicle for evolutionist propaganda. Because fictitious intermediate forms are all Darwinists have to hide behind. Since Tiktaalik Roseae is an extinct, mosaic form, Darwinists must think that it will be a simple matter to use it to deceive people, which is why they keep bringing it up. But they are mistaken.

Tiktaalik Roseae recently made another appearance in a paper in Nature magazine, taken up by many Turkish and foreign Darwinist publications. The report in Nature, titled “The Carnial Endoskeleton of Tiktaalik Roseae,” claimed that in addition to having fish-like features such as fins and scales, the animal’s skull, neck, rib, arm and leg regions also had features close to those of quadrupeds (four-footed animals).

The fact is, however, that these are complex characteristics showing that Tiktaalik is a mosaic form. In addition, it has no intermediate form characteristics that might prove its limbs were evolving from the primitive to the more advanced.

It is intermediate forms, not mosaic organisms, that evolutionists need to find to support their claims. The platypus, an animal that is alive today and exhibits mosaic characteristics, is also from time to time subjected to evolutionist conjecture. Stephen Jay Gould openly states that it is unacceptable to regard mosaic life forms such as the platypus as intermediate life forms. (S. J. Gould & N. Eldredge, Paleobiology, Vol 3, 1977, p. 147)

You can find some of our responses to the countless claims made about Tiktaalik Roseae here.

Why are Darwinists unable to produce any real evidence?

The answer to this question lies in the fact there is not a single piece of evidence to support Darwinism. For that reason, Darwinists have no qualms about resorting to fraud and deception in order to lend an air of credibility to the process of evolution, which never actually happened. In order for their claims to be true, the fictitious transition from water to land alone needs to be supported by millions or even billions of intermediate fossils. But since not one intermediate form fossil exists, Darwinists keep raising the same old false ones. They always ignore the scientific evidence that refutes their claims, and keep raising the same life form with similar headlines in Darwinist publications, as if they had really discovered a genuine intermediate form. 

All this is an expression of despair. It is an admission of defeat. The false fossils of Darwinism have been so exposed, and the myth of evolution has been made so clear and evident in the Atlas of Creation, that Darwinists have had no alternative but to decorate a few fossils and raise these once again. Darwinists have not a single explanation in the face of the 100 million fossils that have been unearthed to date. Neither is it possible for them to have one. Because Darwinists have been espousing a lie for the last 150 years. And it is now not just they, but the whole world, who know that Darwinism is a lie. 

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