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Fifteen Proofs that Disprove Darwin on the 200th Anniversary of His Birth

On the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth, the magazine Nature carried an article in the hope of restoring his outdated theory to the agenda and resuscitating it after its demolition this century. The Turkish scientific journal Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik also carried the Nature report under the title “Fifteen Proofs That Prove Darwin Right.” Its aim was the same as that of the Darwinist journal Nature; to restore the theory of evolution, a theory that has been demolished and rejected by 80% of the world, to its former good name.

But no matter what they, Darwinists will be unable to alter the fact that Darwinism is dead and buried. There is literally NOBODY LEFT IN THE WORLD TO SUPPORT EVOLUTION. 

THE 100 MILLION FOSSILS THAT DARWINISTS KEPT HIDDEN AWAY HAVE BEEN BROUGHT OUT INTO THE DAYLIGHT. AND THERE IS NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM AMONG THEM! The proponents of Darwinism have suddenly realized that Darwin’s prophecy he made 150 years ago has come true. Because 150 years ago, in his book The Origin of Species, Darwin wrote:

… Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined?… But, as by this theory innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?… Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory. (Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, pp. 172, 280)


The full detail of all the extraordinary complexity in the molecular structures in living things then emerged, and it was realized that it is impossible for even a single protein to form by chance and that a single DNA helix contains an equivalent amount of information to 1 million encyclopedia pages. In other words, it has emerged that Darwinists can offer no explanation or evidence for the origin of species or the origin of life.

The whole world is now aware of the Darwinist deceit. And Darwinists realize it. The typical evolutionary propaganda that recently appeared in Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik also serves, on close examination, no other purpose than to announce the collapse of Darwin’s theory. That is why we are examining the 15 claims made in the journal under the heading 15 CLAIMS THAT DISPROVE DARWIN; 

1.    The False Claim of Whales’ Terrestrial Ancestor:

The subject of the fictitious forebear of whales is a terrible embarrassment for Darwinists. Contemporary Darwinists have long tried to eliminate that embarrassment by concealing the claim that “bears fishing on the sea shore gradually turned into whales.” But their own suggestions were little different to that of Darwin’s. Darwinists despairingly attempted to portray the ear and tooth structure of a living thing no bigger than a raccoon as evidence of this impossible and fictitious transition. The fact is that this is a classic Darwinist tactic. By pointing to anatomical similarities between different life forms, Darwinists attempted to establish a relationship between a totally unconnected land dweller and a marine mammal. But they were unable even to mention the evidence that would confirm this mythical transition, in other words the subject of transitional forms. They cannot do so because like all Darwinists’ other claims, this is a lie, and THERE IS NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM TO SUBSTANTIATE IT.

2.    The Transition from Water to Dry Land Deceit:

For years, Darwinists portrayed a well-known fossil fish as evidence of their myth of the transition from water to dry land. Described as the best known transitional fossil, the Coelacanth was depicted as a perfect example of that transition from water to land. According to the Darwinist myth, the creature had fins that turned into feet and was developing a lung. However, A LIVING COELACANTH was discovered in the sea in 1938. Darwinists could no longer lie about the Coelacanth. For example, the structures they had for years described as a primitive lung was nothing more than an OIL SAC. The structures they heralded as primitive legs were in fact PERFECT FINS. This life form, alleged to be on the brink of moving from the water to dry land, was in fact a BOTTOM-DWELLING FISH that inhabited depths of 180 meters and that immediately died when brought up into shallower waters. More than 300 other LIVING SPECIMENS have subsequently been caught.

The Darwinist speculation regarding the Tiktaalik was no different to that concerning the Coelacanth. The Tiktaalik, a creature with a mosaic character (containing perfect structures from different life forms), is an exceedingly complex life form with well preserved fossil remains. But its characteristics display no transitional features. Each one is a fully developed, perfect structure found in mosaic life forms (such as the platypus). The sole reason for the Darwinist conjecture around the animal is that they interpret the fossil remains of this extinct mosaic form in the light of their own preconceptions. Just as wsith the Coelacanth

The absence of a single transitional form in the myth of the transition from water to dry land, not to mention such a transition being anatomically and physiologically impossible, is alone sufficient to repudiate the claims on the subject.

3.    The Evolution of Feathers Deceit:  

Darwinists ignore one very important fact as they espouse the myth of a transition from land to the air. The 100 million fossils they kept hidden away have now been brought out into the daylight, and these contain perfect flying birds that were contemporary with Archaeopteryx. People have personally examined the 125-million-year-old LIAONINGORNIS fossil and the 120-million-year-old CONFUCIUSORNIS fossil. And that is why they now laugh at deceptions such as “Archaeopteryx is a transitional fossil” or “Epidexipteryx, discovered more recently, was the ancestor of birds.” 

All the claims regarding
Archaeopteryx have long since been discredited. It has been realized that the animal was a bird capable of perfect flight, and that its teeth and claws are structures also found in contemporary birds. 

4.    The Evolution of Teeth Deceit: 

The way that Nature magazine and Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik are able to carry the claim that teeth evolved and to cite a study performed on the molar teeth of mice is quite amazing. All living things have their own unique characteristics. Their anatomical structures are therefore different to one another. It is perfectly natural for mice to have genetic sequences different to those of other rodents. This is evidence, not that they evolved, but that the life forms in question were specially created for their habitants and living conditions. All living things possess, by Allah’s will, the most perfect equipment and structures. In order to portray this as evidence of evolution, Darwinists need to produce transitional fossils revealing the supposed development of these structures. But not a single intermediate form fossil exists. That means this claim is nothing more than Darwinist demagoguery.

5.    The Evolution of the Vertebrate Skeleton Deceit:

The explanation in the report is literally this: “The neural crest, the existence of which is known only in embryos, explains why vertebrates have different skull and facial structures. But it is impossible to indicate the evolutionary history of the neural crest through fossil evidence because of the lack of embryonic data.”

It is inexplicable how something for which there is no fossil evidence, as openly admitted in the article, can be depicted as evidence for supposed evolution. The neural crest in the human embryo is a magnificent structure. Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik made do with describing the perfection of the structure in question and was also obliged to admit that there were no evolutionary races belonging to it in the fossil record. This is a blatant confession that evolution never happened and that living things are created with all their immaculate structures.  

6.    The Speciation Deceit:

Members of a species always reproduce with members of the same species in nature. And various characteristics in members of a species arising due to environmental factors or present in the genes, may come to predominate in subsequent generations. In the same way that tallness may predominate in the children of one tall and one short individual. But this change arising in subsequent generations cannot turn living things into another species. Darwin’s finches developed longer or shorter beaks, but they never became other life forms. They did not turn into peacocks or bats. In the example in the article, sticklebacks did not give rise to a new species by reproducing one another. Sticklebacks anosticklebacks and have acquired no new features apart from those arising from their own genes. No matter how much Darwinists attempt to mislead people by the use of variations, this very definitely constitutes no evidence for evolution. 

7.    The Natural Elimination Is Evolution Deceit:

Ever since Darwin’s day, natural elimination has been put forward as Darwinists’ most favored supposed evolutionary mechanism. But it is actually a terrible lie. Existing information in a living thing’s genes may give rise to various anatomical changes on account of environmental factors. But these changes never turn one life form into another. They never bestow any new organs or structures on it. The fact that lizards’ tails shorten due to environmental factors is no evidence of evolution.

8.    The Simultaneous Evolution Deceit:

Simultaneous evolution is another deceptive concept employed by Darwinists. The article in question contained a scenario regarding the supposed evolution of bacteria and parasites. The interesting thing is that bacteria that existed as far back as 3.6 billion years ago are still bacteria, and their parasites are still parasites. For some reason, no changes took place in the life forms in question during this supposed evolution, and no evolution ever happened. These single-cell organisms that should, according to Darwinists’ claims, have developed and turned into fish, mammals and even human beings, are exactly the same now as they were 3.5 billion years ago. Because, like all other life forms, these creatures are entities created by Allah, out of nothing. And they were created with the same appearance 3.5 billion years ago as that they are created with today.

9.    The Evolutionary Variation Deceit:

What Darwinists keep trying to depict as evidence for evolution, albeit under different names and with different examples, is always the same thing: variations. Darwinists attempt to distort variations within a species and portray them as instances of evolution. But this is a lie. The fact that the great tits considered in the article possess different structural features in different regions represents no advantage for the theory of evolution. In order to be evidence for evolution, the birds in question would have had to have developed new structures not belonging to them, such as arms or fins. But that is impossible. These life forms change within the bounds of the information contained in their genes, as happened in the instance cited in the paper. For that reason, certain genes becoming dominant within certain genetic structures in living things is simply variation and represents to evidence for evolution.

10.The Evolution of the Lepistes Surviving through Natural Elimination Deceit:

The way that the Lepistes fish in the article survived because of their different colors when subjected to natural elimination is no evidence of evolution. The fact a life form survives through natural elimination does not cause it to evolve. Therefore, the gradual elimination of lepistes of different colors did not bestow any new characteristics on them. Elimination of living things because of physical characteristics has no other outcome than an increase in the numbers of lepistes of some colors and a reduction in the numbers of the others. That will remain the case even over millions of years. The idea that natural elimination is an evolutionary mechanism is an entirely fictitious one.

11.   The Depicting Proofs of Creation As Evidence of Evolution Deceit:

One technique employed by Darwinists is to describe the glorious characteristics of living things and then maintain that these are a miracle of so-called evolution. The magnificent hunting characteristics of the Moray eel are described in the same way in the article and the same method then employed. The animal’s perfect anatomical structure, and its thin body ideally suited to its hunting technique are described in detail and then, inexplicably and with no supporting evidence of any kind, ascribed to so-called evolution. The fact is that this immaculate structure proves that the creatures was created of nothing, together with all its features. There are also fossil records that show that the eel was created together with all these superior features and has remained unchanged for all the millions of years since. 95-million-year-old eel fossils demolish all evolutionist claims. Darwinists’ demagogic accounts devoid of any evidence at all merely humiliate them in the face of this obvious truth. 

12.The Deceit of Depicting Variation in Finch Beaks as Proof of Evolution Ever Since Darwin’s Time:

Finches may have different shaped beaks within the same species. That state of affairs may also apply to other life forms. But the important thing – as stated earlier – is that these changes within a species already exist within the genes. These animals have possessed that information since they were first created. The differences in their beaks did arise as a result of information added to their genes subsequently. Finches will undergo variation to the extent that differences exist in their genes. It is impossible for beaks to assume any shape not already in finches’ genes or to turn into any other organ.

All the examples that Darwinists have cited of speciation are deceptions. No finches have ever turned into an eagle or a bat, a mammal. No finch beak has ever turned into a terrestrial mammal’s nose. These animals have never undergone any evolutionary change at all. It is a lie to claim that changes in beaks are the result of information added to the genes. It is impossible for information to be added to living things’ genes in random processes and for this to bestow any advantage on an organism or develop into any new organ, and such a thing has never happened.

13.Microevolution and Macroevolution Are Deceptions:

Evolutionists refer to variation within a species as “microevolution” and to the hypothesis of the formation of new species as “macroevolution,” both of which are illusory processes. But the whole thing is a lie.

1) The process known as microevolution never happened. All the examples that Darwinists cite as evidence for microevolution are in fact variations arising within a species. But variations are not evolution. An insect developing resistance to pesticides, finch beaks assuming different shapes or cows living on different continents being more or less hairy are the result of the perfect systems created within their genes. These life forms never acquired any characteristic from nowhere, and never evolved.

2) Neither did the illusory process known as macroevolution ever take place. Darwinists are lying when they claim that fossils representing evidence for macroevolution have been discovered. They possess not a single transitional form fossil. According to Darwinists, there should be billions or even trillions of fossils to verify this claim. Yet 100 million fossils have so far been unearthed. They have all been closely examined, BUT NOT A SINGLE ONE IS A TRANSITIONAL FORM FOSSIL. Darwinists’ claim that we can see evidence for macroevolution in the structure of genes is a second great lie. Indeed, because they have no evidence to support this idea, Darwinists attempt to explain it away with such demagogic and diplomatic expressions as “evolution may have had a great effect on genes.” 

Genes are extraordinarily complex and magnificent structures that have been operating perfectly since the moment they were first created. Even a single DNA, the smallest part of these structures, is a major challenge to Darwinists. Darwinism is a theory that has collapsed on both the molecular and paleontological levels.

14. The Resistance to Poisons Is Evidence of Evolution Deceit:

Living things are created with glorious characteristics. The structures in their bodies and what happens in them are breathtaking. Darwinists, however, generally take these structures and include them in evolutionary fairy tales. But in doing so THEY HAVE NOT A SINGLE MOLECULAR FINDING OR FOSSIL REMAIN to act as evidence for this fictitious evolution.

The clams cited in this section are miracles of creation with their resistance to the toxin known as saxitoxin. Darwinists are unable to explain how these organism came to possess this extraordinary system, and it is impossible for them ever to do so. Because as with all living things’ structures, this is extraordinarily complex and totally refutes the theory of evolution.   It is also a miracle how another member of the same species should lack this immunity because it lives in a toxin-free region. Almighty Allah has created these organisms in the most appropriate manner for their surroundings. In order for Darwinists to be able to depict this as evidence for Darwinism, they need to show how the illusory evolutionary processes concerned took place, and what their supporting evidence is. 
The idea that “clams have different properties in different habitats, and this is the result of evolution” might once have deceived primary school children, but even they can no longer be taken in by it.  

15.  The Attempt to Suggest Evolution with Scenarios of Evolutionary Resistance Deceit:

Since evolution is a false theory, Darwinists have a constant need to develop tactics for their propaganda. They always ascribe molecular discoveries to the theory of evolution. But rather than admitting that evolution is a lie, they keep trying to adapt new findings to it. They always depict new fossil discoveries as evidence against evolution. Rather than giving up in the absence of any transitional fossils, Darwinists try to gloss over it. As we have seen, what Darwinists do is to keep developing new tactics in the face of discoveries that repudiate evolution, rather than coming up with any proof. Darwinism is founded, not on finding and submitting evidence, but on thinking up new tactics and demagoguery. And demagoguery is essential for Darwinists, BECAUSE THEIR THEORY IS DEVOID OF ANY EVIDENCE.  

One tactic is developed in section 15 of the Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik article, with an amazing attempt to portray fossils that refute evolution as evidence for it. There are millions of living fossils in the world. The crocodiles, deer, bears, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, and in short all living things in the fossil record have the same appearances and anatomies as they did when they were first created. Allah has miraculously preserved them with the same appearances they had millions of years in the past. So much so that Darwinists can never gloss over the reality of living fossils.

That is why Darwinists admit the existence of living fossils but try to interpret their emergence according to their own lights. The best known example of this is the idea that life forms can remain unaltered for millions of years but then undergo sudden changes (punctuated evolution). This huge deception, based on the logic of “how can we adapt the fossil record to evolution?” has been imposed on Darwinists by the way fossils repudiate evolution. Because living things really have remained unchanged for millions of years, although the Darwinist concept of sudden changes is a lie. There is not the slightest trace of such great changes in the fossil record. Such changes cannot be tested, observed or explained. There are no traces anywhere in the world or under the ground of such momentous changes. Allah created living things millions of years ago with the same appearances they have today. The idea of sudden change is, like the theory of evolution itself, a terrible lie.

As we have seen, these 15 elements depicted as evidence for evolution in fact all utterly refute it. The purpose behind such articles is to try to resuscitate a theory that is already dead. Yet everyone in the world, Darwinists included, is now well aware that Darwinism has collapsed. Darwin’s prophecy has come true. The fossil record has annihilated the theory of evolution. The world has now learned this truth. Darwinism needs transitional fossils to keep its claims alive. But there are none. That being the case, Darwinist demagoguery is simply a waste of time and embarrassment to Darwinists themselves. Our advice to Nature and Cumhriyet Bilim Teknik is that they finally admit the fact.

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