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Richard Dawkins Is Wising Up!

University of Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins, who is known to be Darwin’s Rottweiler and has long been striving to sustain a theory which is exposed to a universal destruction, has lately shown improvement!

In all his recent articles, conversations and interviews, Dawkins has begun to voice a single truth: that life on Earth cannot have formed by chance!

With this most significant statement, Dawkins reveals to the entire world that he has shown improvement and is wising up, if not wised up altogether, by acknowledging that organisms cannot come about by chance.

Various publications have broadcast Dawkins’s recent comments on this subject, such as these:

. . . Such devices could not have been put together by chance. And of course, no sensible scientist ever said they could. (From “Richard Dawkins Explains His Latest Book,”

You rightly say that random mutation is NOT a good explanation for the evolution of giraffes” necks or, indeed, of anything else! (From “Richard Dawkins: Frequently Asked Questions,”

It is grindingly, creakingly, crashingly obvious that if Darwinism was really a theory of chance, it could not work. (From the “Said What?” website,

The concept of “chance,” which has been the cornerstone ever since Charles Darwin first advanced his theory of evolution in the 19th century, is now being declared erroneous by the same man who is Darwin’s most passionate spokesman. Darwinists have now started to refute the false deity that Darwinists have espoused for nearly two centuries as the sole explanation for the origin of life. The “false deity” called chance has now been finally discarded.

What reasons can explain such an important and radical change in Dawkins’ thinking?

• That Darwinists clearly saw that the theory of evolution had clearly been refuted by all biological and genetic discoveries.
• That they came to understand that not only a single cell, but even a single functional protein, is far too complex to be produced artificially.
• That they could no longer ignore the fact that none of the features belonging to living organisms can ever be formed by chance.
• That they are desperate in the face of the fact that the scientific fields of genetics, biology and microbiology increasingly demonstrate that living things display an irreducible complexity.
• That they have been forced to admit what paleontology has revealed after more than 100 million fossils have been unearthed: that nonfunctional, bizarre, “transitional” species never existed; and that all living things have existed in their complete and flawless forms for millions of years down to the present, or until they became extinct.
• That they had to change their claims and arguments when confronted with the lack of even a single transitional fossil in the geological record.
• That they had clearly seen the superior and flawless creation of Allah (God), but instead of officially admitting this fact, they changed their statements.

The fact that most loyal followers of Darwinism are now denying Darwin’s basic assertions is the most explicit evidence of the irrevocable and fundamental collapse of an erroneous theory which deceived the world for nearly two centuries. The supporters of Darwin who finally came to see that the world doesn’t believe in this lie anymore realized that with this scenario of chance they cannot deceive even little children let alone strong and intelligent brains. It is of course a pleasure to observe the effects of the worldwide collapse of a scientific falsehood and Darwinists themselves starting to abandon Darwinism.

Assigning euphemisms like “natural selection” to blind chance is no solution for Darwinists, because there is no conscious selection behind this so-called mechanism. Replacing chance with a blind mechanism like natural selection as the false “deity” is the equivalent of saying “it is not chance but luck.” For any unintentional process like natural selection to produce rational designs, organs, structures in living things is impossible. Natural selection has never been observed to form a new organ from scratch or to transform one structure into another. Nor has any biological explanation ever been made for this, since it is certainly impossible to offer any such explanation. The hypothetical mechanism of natural selection can never transform one species into another. For example, in a given herd of deer, the fastest running deer will survive by escaping from predators. By doing so, however, they will never transform into giraffes. There is no intelligent consciousness in natural selection, nor is there any power that predicts the results, designs the organs and distinguishes efficient from ineffective. Natural selection operates at random. Since it has no power to improve a species, to claim that “it’s not chance but natural selection” is nothing more than an attempt to deny what should be obvious and to deceive people with yet another lie. (For detailed information, see



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